why us

MyTimeAndAttendance has numerous benefits. It was designed to make life easy for you and your employees. But don't take our word for it, give it a 30-day, ABSOLUTELY free, test run and see for yourself.  

Lowest cost per employee for a web-based time clock solution

As low as $1.60 per month per employee! No minimums and no contracts.

Job costing included

Track what your employees are doing. You can customize jobs by location and department.

Real-time attendance logs ~ Monitoring has never been easier

The real-time attendance log shows who is punched in / out at all times. Great for phone operators and managers. MyTimeAndAttendance can even send you an e-mail message when employees clock in and out.

Interface with standard payroll programs

MyTimeAndAttendance's report export capabilities allows it to interface easily with standard payroll programs. Contact us if your payroll program is not supported, and we will do our best to create the necessary reports for you.

Biometric fingerprint scanning available

Just purchase a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner from us for $149 and connect it to your Windows PC.



Biometrics is the way to go. We have eliminated plastic swipe cards and the constant cost of replacing swipe cards. Employees never lose their fingerprints.

-Daniel Farley, Tacoma, WA