MyTimeAndAttendance is affordable for every size business:

1 to 25 employees              $1.90 per employee per month

26 to 50 employees            $1.80 per employee per month

51 to 100 employees          $1.70 per employee per month

more than 100 employees  $1.60 per employee per month

There is no contract required, no minimum fee, no signup fee, or any other hidden fees.


Biometric fingerprint reader (optional)

MyTimeAndAttendance biometric fingerprint readers can be added to as many computers/locations as you like. There aren't any additional monthly fees. You only pay for the fingerprint reader and installation if necessary. The biometric fingerprint reader is $149.    Click here to purchase your fingerprint sensor.


  • MyTimeAndAttendance reduces payroll expense and increases profits.
  • Biometric fingerprint reader allows for more control and security.
  • Job costing has been made easy.
  • Reporting and Accounting Integration was never easier with MyTimeAndAttendance.


Most employers don't realize how seriously employee time theft affects the bottom line. Biometrics eliminated buddy-punching, and extended lunch periods from our operations.

- Paul Rossi, Assisted Living Facility GM, Tampa, FL